Advising employers on compliance and dispute resolution
I work with employers to ensure continued compliance with complex state and federal regulations. Legal disputes may arise even at a company that is diligent about regulatory compliance. Having proper legal representation to guide your company helps you deal with current disputes in an expedient fashion and gives you the opportunity to avoid potentially problematic situations as you develop your plans for the future.

Through exceptional skills in administration, procedure, settlement negotiations, mediation, and arbitration, I can obtain the best possible solution in matters concerning:

  • Employee relations management
  • Discrimination-based conflicts
  • Equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC) disputes

Safeguarding your business
Just as your company has certain specific responsibilities to its employees, workers are obligated to comply with work policies and legal requirements that affect your business. Incompetent, unethical or unlawful behavior of a worker has potentially devastating consequences.

I assist businesses in:

  • Developing clear, written employment policies
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Drafting non-compete agreements
  • Drafting nondisclosure agreements
  • Addressing suspicions of a worker’s unlawful or unethical acts
  • Dismissing employees

Contact an employment and labor lawyer who can protect your business
I am licensed to practice law in Georgia. Call me at 770-433-1101 or get in touch online to schedule an appointment